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Investment Philosophy

 Investment Philosophy


  • Tried-and-tested due diligence management process – tested by top consultants, rating agencies and institutional investors
  • Proprietary risk management tools
  • Partnership with selected managers’ in order to better align interests and favor knowledge transfer
  • Ongoing/permanent academic research intelligence


  • Pioneer Fund of Hedge Funds in the European arena (1999)
  • Leading European Hedge Fund platform with a focus on Emerging Managers supported by the largest US pension fund (2006-2014)
  • Positioned at the forefront of structuring deals with the Hedge Fund community - Launched first all-in fee structure (2013)
  • Pioneer Cross-Asset Risk Premia UCITS Fund


  • We do not believe in stable alpha
  • Principal’s seniority and market experience are key to assessing (and being cynical about) alpha cycles
  • We think 70% of alpha is now accessible at a very low cost

Active Risk management

  • Capital preservation is the cornerstone
  • The objective is to provide the most robust diversification
  • We do not believe in correlation optimisation
  • Dynamic risk management and concentrated portfolio construction

ERAAM Investment Solutions aim to optimise risk-adjusted returns, de-correlated from the markets, and offer a real alternative to traditional investments.